About The Silk Vault

The Silk Vault is a Stockholm based accessory brand, specializing in innovative, luxury silk scarves and apparel. The original designs are inspired by architecture, arts and travel, diverse cultures and subcultures – each telling a unique story.

The accessories are exquisitely hand-painted or printed on the finest quality silks with beautiful finishing. All designs are limited edition, created with care in small quantities only.

The Silk Vault was founded in London in 2013 by silk specialist Anna Möller, a Swedish born fashion designer who lived and worked in London and New York for many years and now resides in Stockholm.

Anna’s love of silk scarves began as a teenager when she

inherited a chest from a well-travelled neighbor brimming

with an eclectic mix of silk scarves, collected from all over the globe. Over the years Anna has collected hundreds of scarves during her own travels, which are treasured and frequently worn.

Caring for your Silk Scarf

Storing your Silk Scarf

If you care for your Silk Scarf and store it in the correct way it will last for many years to come. Silk is sensitive to light and should be stored out of direct sunlight and ideally in a dark cupboard with good ventilation. It can be stored hanging or folded. If you store it folded up, keep it wrapped in the tissue paper and box that you will receive the Silk Scarf in to protect it.





Washing your Silk Scarf

For best result, have it washed by a specialist dry cleaner.

Ironing your Silk Scarf

Set the iron on medium heat and turn off the steam function. If you use the steam function you risk the iron spitting water, which may stain the Silk Scarf.  You can put a clean tea towel on top of the Silk Scarf to protect it whilst ironing it. Make sure the tea towel has a fine weave as a coarse weave may leave an imprint into the Silk Scarf.

If you have purchased a scarf with a printed foil logo, make sure not to iron directly onto it.